Wolfshark Build ~$850 USD

Check my build out. Finally completed it. Also included prices of what I paid for each part. Been riding it for about a month. Goes pretty fast ~35km/h which is plenty good for me. Crushes hills up and down pretty good too. Just got it into FOC mode and it rides pretty juicy.

2013 Wolfshark Deck: $50. Came with trucks and wheels too but no good for my build. Got a sweet deal from someone off kijiji (craigslist).

Black Caliber 50 degrees: $75 - Amazon 83mm Abec 11 Flywheels: $90 - Longboarderlabs 1/2" Risers: $5 - Longboarderlabs Blue Aluminum Motor Mount: $75 - eBay 15T 36T 265mm Motor/Pulley & Flywheel kit: $50 - johnny_261 6374 Motor: $140 - JLabs Bone Reds Bearings: $20 Longboarderlabs 10sp3 Spacecell Battery: $350 - Enertion Vesc-x: $150 - Enertion Benchwheel Controller: $60 - Aliexpress Bluetooth: $40 - Rocketboards.club Misc: $50 - Cable heatshrink, threadlocker, 5 allen key sets, any other small parts

All prices in CAD.

Total: ~$1,155. (~$850 USD)

Thought I would post if people were wondering about doing a similar build because I know I looked for one like this.