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Wonder if this is THE nunchuck problem the whole time?

Let me explain the video:

  • first few times, I hold my hand still, the motor stops after a particular amount of time like 5 7s, then i move my hand, it spins again.

  • last time, I keep moving my hand and the motor keep spinning and doesn’t stop.

This is weird, I think maybe it’s because of the motion sensor inside nunchuck somehow. As the title said, wonder if this is THE notorious problem of nunchuck “DROPOUT”. And one thing to notice is that when on the board, your nunchuck hand is supposed to move so no dropout, BUT when on high speed, your posture changes to something more rigid like bend your knees, tuck your nunchuck hand to the back and that’s somehow stand still relatively to the board.(sorry English is not my native language) @lowGuido, @Ulfberht, @longhairedboy, @Michaelinvegas, @mikey, @whitepony @Photorph @Jinra

What do you guys think?


I don’t know… what I do know is that I don’t think I wave my arms about too often when I’m skating and I very rarely ever get dropouts on my nunchuck.
there was someone on here who had optimised the code for the wiiciever so that it worked better but I cant remember who that was.

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It would be nice to get inside one and disable the motion sensor and do some more testing. I really like the nunchuck. Do you have the receiver soldered into the ESC you are using or just a JST connector?

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I soldered it on the vesc.

@kyo it’s an interesting theory! Thinking back to all the nunchuck dropouts I experienced; at least a few were at high speed where my posture was more rigid. Can anyone else do the same test? I wonder if the motion sensor configuration is exactly the same across all the production runs of the Kama?

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That is really strange! I never had any dropouts when I used mine… It’s almost as if yours has a timeout “feature” for battery saving. Like, if it doesn’t detect motion for a specific time, it turns itself off to save battery.

I loved the cruise control but hated how the nunchuck always felt like it had a delay and kept accelerating after I let go of the stick. I never felt truly in control.

Sounds reasonable enough that it could do some sort of time out becoause there’s no movement…
@lowGuido has all my wii stuff these days lol so I can’t test it myself

That’s what I was thinking too

I swear someone had this exact same theory ages ago. Can’t remember who though

maybe thats why i never had dropouts - always carving with lots of movement! :wink:

try the same thing from a few different locations - if its always the same its very reasonable to assume energy saving effect and not some other weird reception/whatnot problem!

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Yeah, before I made that clip, i have tried many distances and locations, same result.

And i have second theory, will update my post.