Wooden Bamboo Battery enclosure

Hi guys,

I purchased a 12S4P battery pack on diyelectricboards and it is delivered with the following PVC battery enclosure : image

which is cool because it fits perfectly but is kind of ugly.

I would like to know if some badass DIYers know how to build a nice wooden battery enclosure with similar shape or at least a good battery fit and protection.

I know some company in Portland that have an amazing design with a Bamboo enclosure image

Do you guys know a way to have the same kind of enclosure?

I would take the lazy man approach:



You would need a press, mould and veneer for a strong light enclosure… it would be awesome.

Yes I think so. Any idea on how to proceed?

Looking at the image above, they have gone with non compound curves which you could achieve with a roarockit thin air press and a foam mould. I’m not clear on how they are sealing the corners as it does not look like the enclosure would meet the deck in those areas…

For true blinding awesomeness you would need to use hot moulding with steel tooling and a hydraulic press, like how bamboo bowls are moulded. Very high tooling costs but incredible strength in a thin shell…

Checkout http://www.roarockit.com image