Working for months and finally ready to order

Hey there. I have never attempted anything like this before and would love some tips on the compatibility of my build. I am not experienced in the electronics or mechanics involved so be gentile :slight_smile: this is my build right now.





I am planning on making my own deck and motor mount.

I think I am set on how to make the deck but I still am not sure how I will make the motor mount to fit my Paris trucks. If you have any advice on how to do that it would be appreciated.

I am above my budget of $325 so any advice on what to cut is also appreciated.

Thaks for your help!

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THANK YOU! Before I suggest things to change in your list I would like to sincerely thank you for doing the research that is required with something like this before asking questions. You are an example to the community and I wish every new member would start out like this. With that, I will happily help you.

  1. 9mm is extremely thin for a belt, it may be slightly more expensive but a 12mm system is worth the upgrade for durability

  2. 192Kv is low for a 6s system. It will be better and actually save you a bit of money if you go with a 245kv motor

  3. make the motor mount out of a thicker piece of aluminum if you can, or a thinner piece of steel

  4. to make a mount for Paris trucks, you may want to slightly grind one end to make a perfect circle or a flat spot on the truck so that you can use a set screw and clamp it down easier. This task will be difficult but it can turn out well if done carefully


Thanks for responding! I think I will switch to this motor

Do you know where I could get templates that I could use for the motor mount?

I second that…

I’m my opinion the VESC is not the best speed controller for running a 6s system. It just can’t handle enough amps. I recommend the FVT 6s or one from Hobbyking that has brakes. You could also consider running 10s or 12s and use a VESC.


One thing I noticed is that the link is for Caliber II trucks, but the question and answer both reference Paris trucks. You are making a custom motor mount in any event so I don’t think it matters…but I’m a nut for continuity, and if you are looking for a template, it will matter.

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sorry about that! I have everything in a spreadsheet and I forgot to save so the list is the one from a few weeks ago

Nbd - just didn’t want you to do a bunch of planning around the wrong part or order the wrong template!

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Here’s an option for you.

And Third.


This is my updated list. I chose to go with a cheaper ESC and motor and chose to go with a premade mount instead of making my own.




Am I missing any hardware or connectors or do you think I am set and ready to order. Thanks again for responding and being so helpful, I really appreciate it.