World First Electric Skateboard Rebuild

Hello all! I have been working on restoring an original 1999 Exkate 42" electric skateboard. This board has a top speed of 22MPH with its 400W Brushed DC motor. Single belt drive using 2 8AH SLA batteries. Charge time is about 4-5hrs. The remote is using a low frequency RF receiver to control the throttle and breaks.

The rebuild process… The main electronic speed controller is fried and beyond repair. Rebuild will be using a bi-directional dc motor driver. Controlled by an arduino system to talk to the motor driver. I might incorporate bluetooth for a new remote… or rebuild the original remote to connect with a cable to the arduino. Similar to what E-Glide electric skateboards do. Anyways here are some pictures of the board itself!




It’s a cool looking board.

Cool! Good luck!

cool! can you post some more pics from the bottom? that back truck looks interesting

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Sure! From what I gathered online, ExKate had a patent on their torsion trucks. The bushings make this board turn very sharp! For being how big it is. image2