World First - Kickflip on Electric Skateboard - Enertion Raptor

@Moja Taking Electric Skateboarding to the next level!


Pretty sure its not a world first. I have seen videos of someone kickflip an e board some time ago.

find it then… go!

Here’s a quick flick from seven weeks ago And this looks like he is flipping one of those big heavy clunkers.

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the guy isn’t actually riding a skateboard though! he is simply standing on it.


I seen this one, it’s hard to call that a proper kick flip on an electric board when it’s not turned on, he had no remote and he’s stationary on Astro turf. Although it arguable that it still counts, it’s a matter of opinion I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video!! But I was wondering about this. Surely Raptor owners are not jumping/kick-flipping their boards? I would imagine if it took some hard knocks it might damage or dislodge some components no? When my Raptor arrives it’s gonna be treated with white gloves (aka taken VERY good care of).

how bout simple ollies? can sidewalk curbs be cleared with a raptor?

What controller is he holding? That does not look like the normal raptor controller.

on Boosted Board, you make we skate series by Braille Skateboarding on youtube