World's first electric skateboard?

I used to make videos for Fiik skateboards 3 years back and when they where starting out about 15 years back they where in contact with this guy that made this board, he was from the US and claimed this was his first prototype, I believe it was made around the mid 90’s in California. The Fiik guys bought it back to Australia and kept it in the warehouse. Unfortunately they got a new manager and threw out all the old “shit” including my first and favourite board :frowning:


I just bought one of these from Goodwill. Any idea what happened to the company that made these? Mine is an Altered Wombat 250. It uses two sealed lead acid batteries. It did not come with the wireless remote.

LOL sunk loto and shower power!


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the stickers on the board… definitely an Aussie Queenslander’s board. Sunk loto was a band from the gold coast. and shower power was a shower cleaning product that was marketed by a guy by the name of “Big Kev” also from the Gold coast… he was always “Excited!”

Aussies would probably understand… I found it pretty funny.


Dan and Mat from Fiik are based on the gold coast so they would have put those on :smile: