Worlds Quickest Shipping?

All I can say is… GOD DAMN @JLabs is fast!! I placed my order for a mini remote 6 minutes ago, I got an email saying my order had shipped 5 minutes ago…

Thats a one minute buffer between order time and him printing a shipping label.

Anyone have a similar expreience with a different seller? If so, please share!
For anyone wondering where they should buy from if inside US and need something fast, JLabs is the man.


i’ve had excellent shipping from Psychotiller, Mastercho, OKP, Torqueboards, johnny_261, @Titoxd10001.

the most surprising was @okp from unikboards from Paris in 3 days to Canada.


Lol usually I get a email from eBay saying my item has shipped just minutes after ordering it. It usually just means they have an automated system that creates a shipping label and sends you a tracking number but they haven’t printed or packaged anything yet.


What @JdogAwesome said

I guarantee that @JLabs doesn’t have one of those…

We actually had quite the conversation about my timing yesterday :joy: