Worldwide VESC directory

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this company has warehoue in UK and in israel

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Even though im a little late with this but somethings just have to be said. Thank you!

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We have found a new manufacturer Whereby we can make the prices lower. Can you please correct this 139.-€ - 149.-€ In Stock


Updated! :slight_smile:

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Maybe we should add who is selling Maytech VESCs without a bootloader. Seems like that problem pops up quite often now.

e-greenmotion, michobby, protoboards and alien resell Maytech VESCs as far as I can tell


How hard is it to getting them working if they come without a bootloader?

U seem to point out valuable info here… Should be included in the list about the general info about all esc’s / vesc’s suitable for esk8 purposes… I saw that topic brought up not long ago

2 Version of Vescs available: Maytech and ?

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Pretty sure those are both Maytech VESCs

would be strange…the cheaper one doesn´t look like a production line from maytech…

The early Maytech VESCs had those stickers on the DRV if I remember correctly. Probably why he only has two left and the Price is cheaper - wants to replace them with the “newer” version. I could be wrong though - maybe write him an email and ask to be sure.

Edit: It is a Flier VESC look at the capacitor board

alright so there we go :slight_smile: - Maytech and Flier Vescs

Hey @esk8,

I see your VESC is sold out - can you tell us when the new esk8 controller will be available (and how much it will be)?

Hello @Maxid, New ESK8 Controller was producing this Week. We must waiting 6 Week of one part the TDK 100V 15my. But we became it Monday and the production was in process. So that i hope thats i can take it next week in our shop. At the weekend i want make a own trade for the ESK8 controller, with pictures and a list what al we have make another. But the ESK8 controller based on 4.12 and we have use al the improvement from Chacka´s direct vesc. We have more parts on the esk8C with higher quality. After we have calculated the price im not sure thats the ESK8C was the good choice, the cost was exploding but we Try to keep the price under 200.-€ for the first 100. The housing is finished and has the dimensions 68x72x20mm


maybe it would be great to know which ones can run in FOC mode without burning the DRV

there is currently no Vesc on the market which runs 100% stable with FOC. There are only a few with upgraded components, that are able to keep up better with FOC. But still, they only have a higher chance to survive, while others burn out faster.

If you guys want me to update the post above feel free to send me a PM

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