Worried about wheel bite - Deck

I’m looking to downsize my board. I would like it to be easier to get around campus. So I’m trying to downsize from 42" to <36". I’m worried about my wheels though. I’m running carvon v2.5 with 90mm Flywheels. I’ll probably need risers, I just hate being so high off the ground.

it depends on the deck u use. drop throu, single dropdeck, is it cut out deck? or deck with wheel well?

Problem is, at <36" there isn’t many options. So I really don’t care about the type/shape. My only preference is to be lightweight and not flexy

u can cut out the wheel well ur self?

I used to feel that way. Especially before getting into Eskate. I had to get more ground clearance though with my Eboards to clear speed bumps in my area. I’m currently running 90mm wheels with 1/2" soft risers. I can now roll diagonally over some really steep speed bumps and carve hard without wheel bite. After getting used to riding high, I don’t really notice it.


I use a Dremel with sander attachment. If you have a full board like a pintail that could work but prefer a bigger than a Dremel sander. Dremel would work though. I’m gonna have to shave my deck for my motor for more clearance. I’m gonna be a Dremel pro in no time :joy:

I have a drop through with 90mm but still had ton of wheel bite. Had to sand a few mm where the wheels turn in the deck. Was working good until I added shock pad (which lowers deck on drop through) so I’ll have to shave some more.

You’re right, I I just have to get over it. Probably going with this deck


Although I’m worried about the “Bacon Concave” Not sure how an enclosure will fit.

I started skateboarding the old-fashioned way, on a regular skateboard at a skatepark in my lunch breaks. After a year or so I decided I wanted to be able to skate along paths so I bought a cheapo Z-flex cruiser board. It was waaaay higher than the regular skateboard and felt very strange. It took me a little while to get used to pushing from so high up but only took a couple of rides to get used to the feeling of balancing higher off the ground. In other words, you’ll do just fine. I guarantee it will feel strange and possibly uncomfortable for a ride or two, but you’ll be surprised at just how fast you get used to it. It’ll be even easier to get used to because you won’t really be pushing.


just wrap your wheels with sand paper, loosen your trucks, power up your carvons. perfect wheel wells.


@longhairedboy, You have experience with bacon concave correct? Did you have to do anything special with the battery or enclosure?

If you could rig a bolt on handle for the hanger that would let you clamp the deck down and pull the wheels over that would actually be an amazing way to do it. If would work for belts too. Just need a “sanding wheel”

Actually i have no experience with bacon concaves. But if i was going to do a bacon concave deck, i’d likely do it 9ply and machine a flat ring for a flangeless box to sit in so that the concave is no longer an issue. That’s how i’m planning to do my next iteration of boxes.

I did this very thing on a build where the motors were going to make contact. It worked!!!

I went with the 34" version of this deck. Love it but tons of bite with 90mm wheels

Using 100 mm wheels with no byte. I think I’m using 1/4" risers