"Worse than bad" | Rayne MINI | Ronin trucks | Hobbywing Max 6 | 8s lipo | 6355 motor

Hello. For this build I was looking for something small and easy to carry. My inspiration came from @Adam0311 build “bad idea.” I originally wanted freeboard bindings, but the foot space was to small for the board I chose.

Most of the parts i used I had just laying around from previous builds. For the board I went with a Rayne OG mini which is 23.5 inches long which is easy to carry. I used my favorite trucks, Ronin’s that I chopped down to 150mm to better suit the deck. For electronics I went with Hobbywing max 6 and lipos. This ESC has surprising amount of torque. It pushes me around just fine and can even go up decent sized hills. My only complaint is the noise but sometimes it works out because people know to get out the way. The battery is 8s 5000 mah lipo that packs a punch and has decent range.

The ESC and lipos are tall so I made cutouts for them and made a fiberglass top that is laminated onto the deck.

I routed the wires for the motor also similar to LHB style and have wires going through the Ronin trucks.

The top piece fiberglass I made before the cutouts so I can keep the original shape. I added Landyachtz foam grip on top of that to get a little more vibration dampening. For the motor mount I used the @whitepony method to epoxy a stainless steel pipe to the truck that gave me best alignment.

The weight of this board is about 12lbs. The top speed is around 22-25mph depending on wheels and gearing. The range is about 8-11 miles. This board is better suited for short trips but Ive traveled to my brothers house which is 11 miles round trip.

I’m using the 15mm belts and I experience no belt slip. The motor pulley is 15t and wheel pulley is 40t. I’m able to easily switch between abec 11 90mm flywheels, 97mm flywheels, and also 100mm MBS all terrain wheels. Kegels are okay but ride is a little rough. I have 15/40 pulleys which you can find here


This board is fun to ride. It’s a little sketchy at times because of its size. It’s really easy to carry which was my main goal. It’s not meant for long trips it’s more of a “last mile” eboard. Thanks for looking


Nice! The board is’t too flexy with the cut-outs? I assume you removed the fan from the ESC to fit in the enclosure. Those MAX6’s are a bit tall.

Thanks. Once I added the fiberglass top layer the flex went back to being stiff and yes I removed the fan from the max 6 to fit in smaller enclosure

Very nice board. I envy you guys that can ride shirt decks. If I get below 32 I start getting wobbly :grinning:.

What was the cost of this build?

Thanks. I get no wobbles on this board but it’s not very fast. If you’re having trouble with wobble it’s probably bushing setup for example this board I used double cupped washer when on a longer board I would probably use one cupped and one flat. Also you want harder bushings in the rear truck and if you can lower truck angle that’s even better.

I had most of the parts already, but from scratch your looking at over $700

I get wobble because I’m.old and don’t move as fast as I used too :grinning:. But good info in bushings.

That’s not a bad price on the board, especially with that motor and trucks.

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That might be it

Yeah it’s not to bad. I could’ve saved here and there but I got the parts I wanted and got some stuff on sale like $30 for the deck.

ah, the top lid idea and full cutouts that go through is a cool concept. how did you fix the top fiberglas lid? just with the mounting screws or did you laminate it back on after you were done?

Thanks. I did laminate the top layer of fiberglass with epoxy. I was worried about removing all that bamboo but with top layer it is strong

Love it, great idea with the cutouts. Car escs are so tall :disappointed_relieved:. I envy you for your enclosure!

Super nice Build. Cool with the cutouts… Do you machine the Ronin Truck for mounting the Motormount? Thought about milling mounts for the ronins… Cheers

Thanks @AustrianBuilder I appreciate it

@Nowind for the motor mount I used whitepony’s method of epoxying a adapter to truck to fit the motor mount. Ronin’s are definitely worth a try. Milled mounts sound great!


I dig it! Really interesting with the cut outs and fiberglass. Gotta love a capable short board. I thought the jet spud was short at 29". What do you think of the MBS wheels? I’ve thought about trying those out.

Thanks. The MBS 100mm wheels are definitely worth a try. I have the pulleys if you wanted to give them a shot