Worth bringing my board to London?

So I’m staying in London (UK) for a few months and wondering if it’s worth me bringing my board when I go home, I’ve been here for 1 day and have already seen 3 (I had never seen another eboarder before). Just wondering if it’s worth the hassle of bringing it up, like are the police good about it or are they super strict? Are there any really good places for it? Are the roads horrible to be on? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Why not get one there and sell it when your donde ?

You could ask @kug3lis i believe he is based there?

If you’re on facebook it’s worth doing a search for some groups. There seems to be a very active scene in london. Esk8 uk and uk esk8 are two groups.

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Hey @Freddiecook yes london is fully free for riding boards, if you want you can join our group chat we are really active like now I am leaving for Sunday ride as weather is pretty nice…


Thanks man :slight_smile: , I’ve joined, I’m going to go home and grab my board next weekend hopefully I can join you guys on a few rides without my board breaking :smile:. I;ve never ridden in city traffic or anything before though so will need to get used to that