Worth selling my Raptor 1?

I have an Old Raptor 1 and I was thinking of giving it a refresh and selling it but not sure if it’s worth it.

It has 2 dead vesc and a very old battery, everything else is good. I was gona send out the vesc for repair and remake the old battery with 30q cells and then sell the whole thing as a working board in good condition. I wonder how much someone would pay for a good condition Raptor 1 dual with a new 30q battery.

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This got sold for $1150? https://www.electric-skateboard.club/t/wts-enertion-raptor-1-dual-motor-longboard-sold/1051

Hmm thanks then if I could get a similar price I’d sell mine.

Although from yesterday it does have more power than any Evolve and is def. faster. I love my Raptor 1. It’s a great board. Mine runs flawlessly since end of 2016.

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Probably a bit more after the upgrades

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