Would a Wowgo V3 ESC be compatible with my Meepo V2?


I’d like to change my Meepo V2P ESC to a better one, and found someone selling a wowgo V3 ESC for cheap Do you guys think it would be compatible with my setup? (battery, hubs, remote)

Cheers, David

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you would need to buy esc,remote and hubs from wowgo for it to be compatible

Mmmh too bad, thanks

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That isn’t true, you can use your existing hubs with the hobbywing hub esc, most come with a remote too. Ownboard sells a complete one for $80 and so does meepo iirc. But you may need to change the connectors on the motors, and perhaps even the hall order

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Like ben said. It depends. If he sells only the ESC without remote you might need a new one, depending on what ESC your Meepo uses (they like to swap between hobbywing and LingYi, but its a v2p so i assume LingYi)

Hall sensors + phase wires might need adapters too. Wowgo uses a MR30/MR60 Connector. Another thing to consider is if your Motors and battery are able to pull the Amps that the hobbywing esc needs. If i remember correctly its a 30A (15A per Motor) ESC. Older Motors are usually 12A per Motor.

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Thanks for the comprehensive answer. My Meepo motors are the Koowheel 97mm motors No Idea if they are 15 or 12A though

They actually take up to 35~40, you should be fine. Just be ready to do some soldering and make sure to buy extra connectors.

30-40 are you sure? That could also the reason why they get so hot if thats still the case.

Motors will take as much current as esc will give to them. They could take 30-40 amps, but only on low speed with hard acceleration. It depends on esc setup and that is impossible to know. All those chinese hub motors will work with any chinese esc, only question is if connectors fit. And that is easy to fix.

There were people on this forum who were using chinese hubs with vesc - and they were pushing more than 30-40 amps and it was okay. With higher current, motors will heat more. Its not like they will stop working immediately if current is too big.

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Thank you so much guys!

Sooo, I’ve contacted Ownboard to ask them if their ESC (hobbywing too) would work with my koowheel 350w hubs. They answered “No you’ll need to buy our motors with it” As some of you told me it would be ok, I’m quite baffled. What d’you guys think? It’s not a big investment ($72.00 with remote!) but still

Cheers, D.

I call sales B.S. The kv should be in the same range so should work fine.

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That’s what I suspect, but still… Well I suppose I’l take the plunge