Would adding extra fishpaper spacer rings onto Samsung 25Rs positive sides increase reliability if plastic insulation rings are already heat-shrinked onto them?

Hi, community! Just to take it from 10 to 11 - would it really do Anything if some 0.3 mm plastic rings are already at present there?


The plastic ones that are already installed are fine. Just be sure to have good aim when spotwelding and make sure to not let something poke through the insulation ring.

Ive never added extra insulation and have made tons of packs without a single issue.


Bara, would there also be any need to capacity-check 25Rs bought from reliable sites such as Nkon.nl tho the failure rate is like some to million?

I do as it only takes an extra minute or so even for a bit pack. You don’t want one cell to compromise your entire pack

Not capacity check but just check the voltage.