Would Anyone be Interested in 5"x1" Pneumatic Tires with Integrated Drive Pulleys?

I bought a bunch of acetal delrin to make some 5x1 hubs with integrated drive pulleys for these tires. I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in a set. I am trying to get in contact with whoever makes the tires to see if I can get them cheaper in bulk so please let me know if you would like them. I can do whatever pulley size you would like.

The hubs will be able to fit standard Caliber trucks, I am currently in the process of drawing them up in solidworks.

I can sell them for $200 a set including shipping to the US. I will update this post as soon as I finish machining the first set of hubs, but it will take much longer for me to get a sample set of tires since they will be shipping from Germany.


Get tires from @riverside.rider