Would I be able use my parallel charger on my board?

So I want to try and fit my parallel charger on to my board, I was wondering if this was possible if I did it the way I show in the picture. The charger only weighs 119gram and it would be nice if I could leave the battery’s plugged in so I only have to plug the parallel charger into the balance charger. Is this possible?IMG_5562

You cant have it plugged into parallel for charging and series at the same time. That will cause a fire. Bad news. There are ways to to it, but you have to get creative. I built mine in a similar way to this:

I used a vga cable for the balance wires. Which I think cleaned up the look but gave me the ability to use a balance charger.

So if I use it like this and I just unplug the battery’s when I’m going to charge it will work?IMG_5563


Yes I did the same for a long time just printed a case with three XT-90 sticking out the side, middle one was for loop key to connect two batteries in series, left and right ones used for charging once series connections between them is broken

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Can see my old setup here https://photos.app.goo.gl/5RPu5MDJmnv6hWxcA basically the loop key (middle port) is just on the red black connection between the two batteries. New setup here https://photos.app.goo.gl/KzDYcYYeHPuD4u5e2