Would it be possible...a quick release motor mount?

Would it be possible to design a quick release motor mount? With inserts that would fit different trucks?

I have had the same thought, I’m just not sure there’s a way to do it that would withstand the torque stresses we have. Essentially, looking a the piece truck clamps, that most motor mounts use, the slip and slide unless you use a tap screw and really lay down on the sizing bolt (?).

If you manage to do it, Ill buy the first 10 :).

It would have to be made of all steel.

I would live to see it. Frankly at this point I’d settle for some welded mounts. It takes me forever to get mine dialed in perfect and my trucks get all scratched.

Lol :joy: @mmaner it helps not sparking up a doobie while your llning shit up lol

I have the same problem, but I’ve done it so many times now it only takes me a few goes and it’s good to go.

Look how nicely it’s all lined up … lol…

You see that bolt there? I don’t think it would be that difficult to design a quick release

Preach! :slight_smile:

Ive lined up and tightened 10 individual clamps, prolly 100 times and I still never get it right on the first shot. Maybe I’m just missing something.

I’ve been thinking something like this…

The internal dimensions being the mirror of the truck hanger so that it only goes on one way, with the motor plate fastening to the end farthest from the kingpin.

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