Would the Turnigy SK3 Competition Series work for e-boards aswell?

Hi, I was just wondering around and came across the Turnigy GliderDrive SK3 Competition Series - 3858 - 4.6 1120kv. It seems to be powerful, quite cheap and doesn’t weight too much, but I don’t know anything about it, so would it fit under a longboard and is it any good or just a potato?

It is 1120kv, that is waaaaaay to high for an electric longboard. Plus it only supports 3-4s lipo, and it only has a 5mm shaft which won’t fit most pulleys. So no, I don’t think this motor will work…

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The direct gas replacement motors work however, like the Tacon 160 and the Turnigy 160. They are 245kv to 300kv so have fun

That’s an interesting-looking motor, @Hillso . Kinda wonder why we’ve never seen it used in builds. It would seem to be a good candidate for a high-powered dual rear drive setup.

With 28 poles you are already at twice the erpm speed compared to a normal sk3 14 pole motor at the same rpm. And then it has a 240kv at 10S. So the calculation says 190kv * 42V * 14/2 poles = 55860 erpm compared to 240kv * 42V * 28/2 poles = 141120 Erpm. And the actual vesc shouldn’t be used at more than 60000 Erpm. Maybe VESC 6 could handle it but I think there will be other disadvantages.

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