Would these cells work?

Hi all, I was looking around for the best priced cells (I was mostly looking at Samsung 25r) when I came across these https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01G9TOLNC?psc=1 and I was wondering, would these work as well as the samsung 25r? (I was planning on making a 6S6P setup but would just do 6S3P with these)

Buy authentic Samsung 25Rs… any 18650 above 3500 mAh is not an accurately labeled cell. I wouldn’t trust a cell that is incorrectly marked.

Try https://liionwholesale.com/

I’ll give it a look, thanks!

Also they don´t state how much discharge this battery is capable of.

I noticed that and was going to email them, but if they were labeled incorrectly anyway, I didn’t see the point