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Would these component deliver?

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading and reading, and now I have some questions, and I would also like a final word on my choice of components. I would like to know if these components can deliver a real world performance of approx. 30-35km/h, as well as nice torque.

My components:
Motor: Turnigy SK3 245kv
Batteries: Turnigy 4S 5000 mAh 25C (2x)
ESC: Probably the VESC, but other suggestions would be great
Receiver: Not decided yet, but should not have an impact on performance.
Gearing: Motor pulley teeth: 15t, wheel pulley teeth: 32t
Mount: Probably Enertion’s mount, or a DIY copy.
Wheels: 83mm

Is 25C discharge rate too high (or too low)?
If I go with 8000mAh, should I lower the discharge rate (or increase)?
Should I go for 2x 6S instead, for this motor? Or what’s the preferred combination of motor+battery without too many S’s?

I tried understanding the “C” thread as much as possible, but these are still my concerns.
Any other suggestions are very welcome as this is my first build.
Thanks a lot in advance, fraannk

25c is just fine. if u get 8000mah then keep 25c dont chage it unless u go up
Edit: the vesc is still in the prototype phase so if u get it id run it on 8s for longevity. Finally get a gt2b rc controller 2.4 ghz

Basically the C rating is how many amps the battery can output. SO a 25c 5000 mah lipo can output a max of 125amps which is perfect.

And if I go 8000mAh, it will be 200 amps, and won’t that be too much?

no it will still be fine u should be more worried about ur voltage the lower it is the more power u will need to draw and the easier it is to overheat components

Okay, I might go 8S then, to get a bit more voltage. :slight_smile: Is 245kv on the motor too much? should I get the 213kv or 192kv?

whats ur weight?
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I weigh about 72kg. I would like about 30-35km/h, and a fair bit of torque

i think ud be fine even if you were going up hills 190 is considered a safe zone and garunteed to basically work for everyone.

So would you prefer the 190 or 245?
Thanks, you’re being really helpful :smiley:

i weigh 120 and ur not a hevy weight urself so id suggest 245 so u can also get a bit more speed and no problem bro

Fantastic! So 245kv motor, 2x 4S batteries, and 15T, 32T enertion gear/mounting stuff would make a great functioning board then? This is my very first build, so I just want to make sure.

haha we all worry on our first build. However to help u build the best board for uself i need u to give me ur budget and what u want to use it for

I’m thinking 500 euros max for the electronics and mounting stuff. Longboard and maybe trucks/wheels etc should be excluded in the budget :slight_smile:
and I would use it to travel about 5km to work every day

alright then so i will recommend the 149 kv sk3 as all other motors are out of stock rn plus the 149kv has an insane amount of torque and is basically garunteed to work.

And I would still get 30-35km/h top speed? Don’t mind about stock, since nothing is in stock in the EU warehouses…

oh yea on 10s with 15 by 32 tooth gearing that will be great

Okay thanks, I’ll take a look at it!

use this calculator to run speed tests

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Yeah, already looking at that. After going through different combinations with 8S (since I would like to stay there), it seems the sweet spot would be the 192kv 6374, no? I’m thinking either that one or the 245 to get the top speed I want, or am I wrong? :slight_smile:
Edit: And also according to this thread: Choosing the right motor kv for the VESC it seems either the 192 or 245 would be the sweet spot for 8s? :slight_smile:

Edit: No more posts for me today :frowning: If you see this, I would like to stay at 8s because i think 10s might be a little overkill for me… Also because of the prototype VESC as you stated in post 1 :slight_smile: