Would this be a ideal board for a electric long board **(NEWBIE)**

Would I need new trucks, I am thinking about drilling straight into the wheels. Also can anyone recommend the most basic motor I can get for a decent price. Im not looking to spend too much money. Any info would help. Thank you

The deck looks sweet should be fine pretty much any deck will work except dropped decks and really short ones. you can go with making your own motor mount? it would be alot cheaper if you have all the equipment. I built my one for around $27 aud

depending on where you live (I Live in Australia) you may aswell buy abec fly wheel clones (witch allready have the holes in them) if your from the us, I decided to drill my wheels as the wheels i was after were very hard to find in Aus

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Yeah I definitely have the tools to build it and im probably leaning towards building my own, I really like yours, it looks great!

dont get the poor guys hopes up… your mount is beautiful i couldnt make a mount like that even if i spent $100… i dont have the patience lol!

hack saw, files, a bench vice and a drill press lol

ive got all of that but a drill press. i can get a used drill press for around 70$ anyways

Yeah for a motor mount it really dosent matter but if your going to drill your wheels thats another story. What country are you located in?

United states

The hard part isn’t the tools IMO, I’ve built mounts before but they don’t look like that thats for sure. I’ll just spend the $60 bucks and save me 4 hours of work haha

i found this from china off someones youtube build, it costs about 12$ off a Chinese website called taobao, but you have to translate the whole website to understand it

Yeah fair enough. I just feel that its another aspect of the fun of building experience and ads another dimension of Diyness that i really like.

would these motor mounts hold up

mmmmm Idk looks lergit but the clamping system looks a little sketchy

I have welder…

For aluminium?

no, i have someone that can weld for me, i dont know anything about welding…

So would this board work out???

ok steel welding will not work on aluminium. @lowGuido knows a bit about welding brackets on. And yes the deck should be fine.

this should be fine if you drill a pilot hole in the truck for the screw , nice price tho:joy:

looks like the deck is made from bamboo, this normally means flexible. have you stood on it?

watch this video for some more tips.