Would you buy a cheap VESC from Denmark?

Hi guys First of all… I love this forum! My own setup is atm a DIY curved longboard, 200kv alien power systems 6355 motor, 2x3s zippy 8000mah, Xcar beast ESC from HK…

I am planning to order the parts and assembly 5 or 10 VESC soon (next month or the one after ?..) For me the PCB’s cost the same, and my assembly time will not double if I assembly 5 or 10… maybe some hours more…at the most… But… Would people (mostly europa), be interrested in buying a VESC for about 100USD? (plus some shipping… do know people in germany who could ship from there to save cost) I most properly wont mount wires, but everything else (Do people use the other connectors ?)

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hey @B4Me, where are you located in Denmark? I’m from Copenhagen and wouldn’t mind to go for a ride. I have this DIY beast:


Main goal of the topic was to determine how many VESC I should assembly :stuck_out_tongue:

But Im from Sønderborg :smiley:

Would you be interested waiting for the upcoming version (6) and assembly then? I was planning to do it myself but might be a bit busy in winter. Also might be interesting to not only order assembled ones, but maybe vesc kits (i.e. groupbuy for mouser parts)

When is the 6’th version said to go public ? And what are the benefits over this one ?

Several improvements - of which are too much to list here ( check thread at vedder`s forum - but most importantly, the motor driver stage has several improvements that lead to a more robust design (harder to blow up the drv chips).

There is no specific time frame, other than “coming soon” - though if you read the thread, benjamin has already tested 2 revision of the pcb and is working on the third one (including a casing for it).

Put it this way: if you need the vesc urgently and right now, you`d be better off building the 4.x version - if you are patient and the project has time to be finished go with v6. I am waiting for v6 and was planing to build it myself. I’d be interested in a group buy (for parts) or even for whole designs ;-). I can help with ordering PCBs - have some experience with some china vendors (offshore, elecrow and dirtypcb) - I guess it is easy to order 100pieces and also sell the rest for a fair price over here.

Interesting indeed ! The thing is… we are 3 guys, our setups are 2 single motors and 1 with dual … hence 4 ESC’s , and I want to go with dual soon, I am 105kg heavy… so my motor is HOT at the moment… therefor 5 VESC’s soon… Right now the HK ESCs works okay… but the VESC is so tempting, and if I at the same time could help 5 other persons with new VESC for a cheap price, why wouldnt I ? :slight_smile:

But I dont know how long we will wait… its soon winter in DK, so we can properly wait for version 6 if snow falls

I can relate to that - I have itchy fingers and love to finish my build to still ride this autumn. But it would be a rushed build and in the end I would spend a lot more. Having patience and doing things right will not only save money, but assure some more quality right :wink:

If you are already dealing with motors that run hot (and my guess is also your esc will run hot) - the v6 vesc might be better. As far as I could tell, the new power stage would offer better mounting for heatsinks

Anyhow - keep me updated :slight_smile:

My setup looks like this… show off I know… My ESC is actually really cold, not hot at all, its rated at 120A, with a noisy fan :frowning:

I would advice you to slam some stuff together, before the winter comes… but I get the mentality of waiting for the best, but upgrading is always an option

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If you are going to assembly the vesc 6th version, i would love to buy 1. But how much is vesc gonna cost in DKK. From Copenhagen myself :wink:

If you could prodive it with an xt-60 and 5,5mm bullet connectors, i’m down or up for it :slight_smile:

OHS - I think the prices will be around 500-700 dkr depends on the parts prices when ordering, but I will keep everyone in the thread updated when I know the end price (thats for the current version, dont know the prices for direct fets)

I think this is possible, but isnt most just soldering the connections on directly ?

I would take one, from Italy! And I agree with Mark, for noobs without tools like me, those bullet connections are keys!

Id be game for a few shipped to Spain.

Awesome guys ! seems like 10 is the way to go!

Any good source for these bullet connectors ?

@SirDiff @monkey32 @OHS

What about the other connections ? do you intent to use CAN connectors, or just solder directly on if dual setup is needed ?

If you ask me, I would ALWAYS solder such connections instead of using alot of plugs, but was do you guys think ?

I don’t know much about vescs, all I want to do is connect it to the motor, set it up via USB, test and run. I have someone who can help me, so it wouldn’t be a problem to program. My problem is with soldering, cause I don’t have neither tools or knowledge to do it

Leave the soldering for me, its my job and hobby, so I’ll get my hand dirty for your entertainment :smiley:

How many capacitors (the big blue 1) are you planing on connecting to the vesc? and how big a difference does it, if you have 1, 2 or 3???