Would you buy a universal 4 ply carbon fiber enclosures for $80

I am looking into outsourcing high quality 4 ply carbon fiber enclosures in a universal layout (12s 21700 with discharge BMS and any dual VESC) to a company that makes the front ends of BMW cars and deep sea wind turbine blades…I think I can sell them for $80 with shipping in the US as long as I can get around 50 of them.

They will be baked pressed and together using industrial machines rather than vacuum bagging and setting at room temperature as for a super strong bond that should take all the abuse imaginable. They will have a matte finish by default so they can be skinned/painted/polished to look however you want. I will trim all the edges and pre-drill mounting holes in a jig so they will all align perfectly.

Prior to designing the enclosure molds and contracting the manufacturers, I need to know if there is enough demand. Would you buy one? Do not answer again if you answered on the other forum.

  • Yes, I would buy one
  • No, I don’t need this

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