Would you like to see Maytech's dual motor trucks?

Hey folks,

If you know Maytech you are probably familiar with their nice range of products in a really affordable price. One downside of Maytech is that they do not have dual motor trucks in their product line. I was thinking about making a survey to observe how many of you would be interesting in purchasing such trucks, in hope this will give Maytech a good reason to start producing them.

It will be great to have those in the eSkate market since they will probably retail in a decent price. You will not need to modify them, as Maytech also sell pulleys, motor mounts and belts that can be purchased from their store.

I was playing around and made a prototype of what it should look like.

[poll public=true]

  • I will be interesting in Maytech’s dual drive trucks.
  • I will not be interesting in Maytech’s dual drive trucks. [/poll]

I am also in touch with a representative from Maytech and she said this could actually work, so lets show them some support. I will share with her the results if this poll will get enough votes.

These trucks are nice, I am wondering if they will be usable also for other Hub motor brands.

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You may try these.

Maytech’s mono drive trucks are pretty solid to begin with, I don’t doubt a lot of people would be interested in a dual model.

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They look incredibly weak

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They wont be able to just copy and paste a new mount side on. Several changes would have to be made. It most likely would have to be an entirely new truck.

May I ask why? Just curious (not trying to be rude)


What truck is wide enough to put two motors on it and what mounts would you recommend??? (Other than mountain board trucks)