Wow just how much can u pay more on a product

hi there i recently contacted some chines seller for some emountainboard parts and i turns out that some ting just get sold 4 time the price here then in china <img i dont know about u but if a company makes 40 euro on me just for a remote i get kida pist btw the fist row is the price in china for a any one in euro

All is not profit. Almost all Chinese suppliers has a MOQ (Minimum order quantity). Let’s say you order 100 trucks at $30, thats $3000 and each truck weighs 800grams.

Shipping 80kg from China will cost you atleast $500. Then add customs handling, VAT, and import taxes, packaging material, OEM branding etc.

Before you know it you’ll pay $50 per truck. And noone does all this for free so also add a profit margin.

Also notice that these products aint the highest quality. We use group buys to order from china. Well the products are cheap, however you gotto calculate the other margins

wel because every ting comes from china these days i don’t know wat is good or bad quality

I have mixed product from china and EU. I got to say the chinese one aren’t the best. You can try, but don’t cry if it ended up costing you more when you get billed by tax office and the parts broken into pieces next week.

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i know i wont cry haha