Wowgo 2s w/ 8.5 ah vs Wowgo 3

Im new to electric skateboarding and looking to get one for under 900 aud. the boards from Wowgo seem to be my best bet but im stuck between the 2s with the 8.5 ah battery and the 3. i want something with a lot of range because i’ll mostly be using it for commuting. just wondering what the major improvement are from the 2s to the 3 and what one would be best for me.

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Pretty sure there’s comparison vids on YouTube between the two

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Never buy a WOWGO board, and DEFINITELY DONT PAY FOR THE EXTENDED RANGE BATTERY. I have been getting the run-around for months from them about why when I opened my board, investigating the terribly short battery life, I found a recycled scooter battery AFTER PAYING OVER $100 EXTRA FOR THE PREMIUM LONG RANGE BATTERY. THEN THEY HIT ME UP FOR HALF THE PRICE OF ANOTHER BOARD!!!

Yeah I got a Wowgo mini with the 6ah battery (upgraded battery) and I get about 7mi range. Don’t ever depend on customer service from them. I’d go Meepo V3 for prebuilt