Wowgo KT board upgrade

Hi, so got my Wowgo KT a few days ago and super impressed, apart from the fact I live in Edinburgh and the vibration is killing me from the state of the roads paths here.

So looking to change board to reduce vibration, obvious choice is Wowgo 2s cruiser other options in UK are are Two bare Feet Larry board, Osprey or slick revolution cruiser?

Not looking to spend more than £100, I’m only 68kg so thinking I need something fairly flexible to provide and damping.

Looking for advice from anyone who experience of suggested boards or who has upgraded from KT.!

I have a very similar board, the ownboard w1as I think it’s called. Looks identical

The vibrations were really bad, especially since you’re standing on the trucks. I installed caliber 59 front trucks, 59 rear baseplate with new bushings, rubber Angled riser pads and 78A front wheels. Most noteably, I replaced the deck with a $35 maple 36 inch deck from amazon that got my feet in between the trucks. Ride is much better now

ya get some risers change out front trucks