Wrapping electronics to avoid rattling

What are you guys using to wrap your electronics?, I’m getting a lot of rattling on my board due all components inside the enclosure, in order to avoid it I fixed the components with hot glue, but every time I open it for any repair, connecting the VESC with the PC, ot just check the balance of my batteries, it ends in a mess.

I’d like to leave all electtronics loose but cover inner of the enclosure with some kind of soft sponge or foam.

I was thinking in this product:


I like 3m “dual lock” velcro for securing them inside the enclosure - and a bit of thin foam to avoid rattling if needed. Still able to pull/swap components and be secure.

The only bad thing about velcro is that it’s flammable.

What do people use to wrap the batteries with before the heat wrap, I’ve seen padded battery packs, really nice feel and very protective against shocks.

What I do is attach batteries, bms and receiver to the bottom of my deck with either servo tape or heavy duty velcro and then the enclosure just covers everything. It has worked well for me so far. No rattling and nothing ever comes loose. For my vescs I use a section of a lipo tray bolted to the deck with a buckle velcro strap to hold the vesc in place.

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I tape all components with dual sided foam tape in the bottom of enclosure and then i glued 6mm thick neoprene between my deck and enclosure.

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velcro. its great stuff.


im covering things like battery in 2mm thick felt sheets for shock protection, then shrink wrap just about anything and fixate the components finally with some dbl sided adhesive tape in the enclosure!

i lined the bottom of my enclosure with this stuff, and then another on top of everything before mounting to the board.

the anti-slip properties keeps stuff from moving around, and it’s spongy so has some level of shock absorption too.



Shrinkwrap my electronics and batteries + thin adhesive foam layer boardside + heavy duty Velcro to keep everything attached to the enclosure + hot glue to keep my LCD, ports and switches in place.

Here’s a thought I just had, would love to hear some input.

Has anyone tried using command strips so secure stuff?

EDIT: you’d want to secure them to the enclosure, not the deck I think

I don’t see any reason why command strips wouldn’t work. I prefer velcro because I can keep moving stuff around. With all the rearranging I did, I’d have gone through a box of command strips.

Sure that makes sense. Command strips would get very expensive.

Velcro for me all the way.

I have used go pro stickies to stick things directly to a deck and that works…

I use flight box no flammable foam which you can cut to the shape of your components and ‘squish’ in.

@darkkevind Any chance you have a link to some of that foam me? (It’s a bad pun, try not to laugh too hard)

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I just purchaed adhesive neoprene foam, seems to be the best way.


Could this work?

I am worried about it lighting on fire.


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You don’t need anything that thick. 1/8" is pretty ideal for padding electronics without taking up too much space. I get mine off Ebay. Usually less than $2 per foot + a few $ for shipping for 1/8"X4" or 1/8"X6" for however long you need. You can lay a sheet down on your board and on your enclosure so your electronics are sandwiched between. The stuff does not come off easily, so I suggest leaving most of the backing on and only exposing the adhesive along the edges. That way if you ever want to remove it, it’s less of a chore.

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