Wrong firmware flashed on Focbox

I accidentaly flashed a wrong firmware on my FocBox and, without noticing the mistake, I made FOC motor detection, there was magic smoke right after that and my DRV chip is tosted.

I wonder if someone had this happening before?, if an incorrect firmware could cause this to happen or if the error could come from a shorted motor.

Yep, definitely from the wrong f/w. Installed f/w for hardware version 48 once and same thing happened during detection. Luckily there was a fuse that prevented the VESC from killing itself.

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Thanks man!

I wonder why they put the 48 FW on top on the list, this happened to a ton of people.


This will forever be a mystery

Sorry for reviving an old thread. I have a raptor 2 and I connected the focbox to focbox unity ui and updated it. Now I know that focbox and focbox unity are two completely different things (it’s really confusing)

Anyway, I don’t believe anything burnt, how do I return to the old firmware? Do I really need a programmer? Enertions bldc tool won’t connect,(saying version too old) but focbox unity connects fine. What is the hw version?

Hardware version.

I meant what’s the hardware version for the raptor 2 focbox?

You need to get a STLINK usb programmer. If the boot loader no longer works, allowing you to reprogram the f/w, then this is the only way to access the h/w

hacks asides

I just realized i can connect with vesc tool by going to the connection tab instead of using the autoconnect.

It lets me connect in limited mode and lets me upload a firmware (supposedly) image

i have firmware 2.18, found here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/where-can-i-find-the-vesc-2-18-firmware/23852, but theres hw_410_411_412, hw_46_47 and hw_48 folders. i tried flashing hw_410_411_412 VESC_enertion_6355.bin, but fw version is not changing

EDIT: Okay, so i removed the casing and it said v 4.12

If you are using the Unity s/w against an older model Focbox, you are doing it wrong.

I would first try using the vesc tool and see if you can connect & flash it with a stock f/w, then go from there.

Do not willy-nilly use and VESC-type software and randomly select a firmware to upload or you’ll hit this type of problem, it might be clear that lesson has already been learned.

How was i supposed to know that Focbox Unity UI is not for updating the box that said Focbox on it:stuck_out_tongue: But yes, lesson is learned

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Is the st-link for firmware also or only bootloader?

I am still not sure what to do, as you can see in above screenshot, it’s detecting fw 23.44 on the focbox which is completely wrong. I upload a screenshot successfully but it’s still detecting fw 23.44 when I power cycle