WTB (1) 30q cell

Just need 1 Samsung 30q shipped to NorCal area. I want to repair my 10s4p pack, I’m 1 cell short… :unamused:

$5 man, can’t get much better than that

Yea but the shipping is what’s gonna kill it Was hoping someone had a share one hanging around that they’ll like to sell

They will still have to ship it too.

Edit: unless you find someone local.

I would be glad to give you one, if you lived in Birmingham…

Where in NorCal are you? I’m in east bay, but frequent the city often if you want one.

Solano County on his profile page

Vacaville. Like 20miles away from Sacramento and 45miles away from Bay Area

Well, that’s kinda far, but if you’re ever in the area, let me know. I’ll just give you one.


Thanks man. I’ll keep that in mind. To bad not mobile :cry: Would it be possible you could send a single cell in a envelope and a stamp ?

Definitely not.

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You can pay me shipping and I’ll ship it to you using usps flat rate. lol

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Yea sure. How much ? Pm me

What are you doing in Britain? doing some spy work for the USA?

I have some if you can come to Berkeley

Have you seen Peaky Blinders (Netflix)?

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I haven’t but is it any good?

Edit: after a quick google search i can say it looks good.

First season is based in Birmingham,UK. There are spy’s. Do recommend giving it go.

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No vape shops close to you? I’d try those


Yeah vapeshops or vapeforums are a good place to start.

But 30Qs arent used that often atleast not where im from, its more Sony VTs.

Banggood sells single 30q cells