WTB: 10-12s battery pack [US]

Hi all,

I am in the market for a relatively high power battery pack (preferably 12s) and 2-4p.

My first choice right now is a torqueboards 12s4p battery pack (as it comes with an enclosure and charger for $450) but I am looking for one either way; if anyone has one for sale please let me know!

Location is US than?

Yes; sorry shipping to US. I am willing to pay shipping depending on the item, cost, and location of course.

Edited the title a bit. :slight_smile:
But since you are in the USA you have access to some great battery builders like @thisguyhere .

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@hyperIon1 has built me one battery and building me another now. Communication is great and he is a really nice guy to work with.

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Appreciate it; i’m open to a lot of options currently, my last pack was a 11s5p pack I built from cheap chinese hoverboards cells which I ran over a hundred cycles through… original range was just shy of 20 miles and now it goes maybe 3. Best $150 of batteries i’ve ever purchased, but I am in the market for a high quality zero maintenance pack (with BMS, single plug charging, preferably with an enclosure, etc) as I am in the final years of college and I don’t have time to make another pack myself and I use my board often.

I’ll reach out to anyone who thinks they might be able to help me; I have a sector 9 meridian board so there is plenty of real estate to work with.

Thanks for the suggestions

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The TB 12s4p is a great battery choice ive been using one for a long time the range and power are really good. The only draw back i can see is the double stack configuration gives you clearance issues on some decks.

Now dont rely on the included slow charger its a good back up but its way too slow. If you dain your battery to 20% or lower then you wont be 100% till the next day. 16 hours took me to charge once. The 4a charger will cut down that time to a more manageable 3.5h from dead to full.

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Yes the 2 amp charger is god awful but the pack is good. The included enclosure is a bit generic though.

Oh, good to hear it is a good choice. Are there any particular short comings/annoyances you have noticed outside of the slow charging and thickness? Is the weather stripping/hardware high quality; ie does it stay relatively water proof?

It seems like for $450 it is a great deal considering it includes a charger, 60A BMS and enclosure.

How do you think the lifespan is on the pack? Ie, how long do you think it will last me under normal use? I run a single 3300W 6374 w/ VESC and while I don’t bash on it I don’t baby my board either and it gets a lot of use per year.

Been ragging the hell out of mine since late 2017 still works perfect and has many many miles on it. I dont use it often anymore only because i made a much bigger battery so i never have to charge on group rides.

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@M.Hboards and @thisguyhere are good battery guys


I’ve put almost 1k miles on mine and so far no noticeable capacity decrease. Only had it for about 6 months though so not really long enough to see more. It’s been a good pack to me!

Id say you’re good with 3-4 years of normal-heavy use.

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Unfortunately I’m currently full on battery orders.

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When will you be accepting more?

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Not sure yet will prob open a thread accepting more orders when I’m ready.

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