WTB 10s 100-120a bms with e switch

Just checking here before I wait the two weeks to get one from bestech. I’d like to have a third board up and running for the up hill race. Thanks!

The biggest bms that I’ve seen is 90a with a switch and that’s from bestech


Bestech will make you whatever you want but you have to buy 10 I believe, the advertised units still have a moq of 2. Mines rated to 120a 12s and you won’t find it on the site because it was an unfulfilled order that they offered me when I ordered the 80 amp version.

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Hehe you’ve got me thinking, was planning on a 10s6p Spud, now I’ve got plans.

Thank you but I also hate you at the same time dareno. I’m ready to buy a 10s6p from Dave, my poor bank account

Hit them up. Typical chinese company that is willing to make whatever you want to part you with your american dollar. I have absolutely no complaints though. I was going charge only and then had a spate of antispark nightmares so went full massive bms with switch. Its a big bitch though. Takes up the same space as another 5p pack or 2 focboxes. Oh and you don’t really hate me do you? I’m a sensitive soul.

Oh sorry @RedBaron for the seriously unhelpful info. :grimacing:

No I don’t hate you, but I’ve burned through two antispark within 20 miles fml and I have antisparks for the rest of my life except the xt 90 antispark

Sorry @RedBaron

Lol, no worries guys. I like bestech too, they have been awesome to get stuff from. Was just seeing if anyone had a spare they would sell before getting a couple from them.

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Tag some battery guys @barajabali @psychotiller are the only stateside guys I know who build batteries

@AlanZhou I was joking about the hate thing obviously because I’m such a nice guy. :sunglasses:

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Bara dosdent build batteries anymore appearently.


You will need a seperate eswitch though. Or just use a unity. The only reason you would need that kind of discharge though is for a 4x4 build.

What makes you think only a 4x4 would benefit from discharge rates that high? So far my dual 6374 at 120 battery amps is kicking ass. Maybe I missed something?

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Assuming that he has a 5p+ 30q pack that should even support this. You don’t really need that much discharge to begin with unless you have seriously underpowered motors. The Vesc is specifically designed to be able to compensate for this in the first place. The majority of the time running these super high settings results in an overheating, inefficient motor and a heap of battery charge converted to… Well… Heat. I wonder if anyone has ever run the maths to actually compare the difference between 30/60/100a