WTB 10S <501mA charger [USA]

Needs to have adjustable end voltage 41.0 to 42.0V and have less than or equal to 500mA charging current and have a small profile – aka not a bench power supply. Also, safe enough to use in a 12 floor building.

Did you ever thought about using a smart bms for that? Not sure about the charge current, but end voltage and balance voltage you can definitely adjust with it. If you anyhow use the bms for charge only they also only 25$ or so

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Not sure how big it is, but maybe this Schau, was ich auf AliExpress gefunden

Ja, Ich hab’ das gefunden LoL. Aber, es ist nicht, was Ich möchten. :smiley:


:sweat_smile:the AliExpress link always add this German phrase :sweat_smile: So you want a Laptop brick with 500mA charge current, right? Maybe to get a current regulator and just place it between your charger and battery? :thinking: Just didn’t found one for 500mA yet :see_no_evil:

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Yes. A regular brick charger. Except 500mA or less. Optionally, and preferred, to have adjustable end point between 41.0V and 42.0V.

I’ve never seen one under 1.8A and those are hard to find. I tried some crappy 1A one off eBay but it malfunctioned immediately when I tested it. It’s a piece of shit. Plus, it’s double the maximum amperage I’m looking for.


But don’t say anything about the price :scream:

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I don’t think that’s a CC/CV lithium charger.

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It’s 110-220v ac input, 42v dc output charger. Doesn’t say anything about cc/cv that’s right

Doesn’t even say “charger”

??? 1123181512_Film1


Ok ok power supply adapter :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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image image

It can’t be possible that we don’t find a charger for you :joy: :see_no_evil:

Sorry to ask, but why <500mA? :open_mouth:

If I have 3 other boards charged and ready to go, there’s no reason to be pumping a fast charge into the cells. Plus, I just want that LoL. If the cells are really, really cold from being outside, I can plug them in and they will warm up before much charging happens LoL

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