Wtb 10s battery (us)

Update [ https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/wtb-10s-battery-us/64543/22?u=skunk ] Looking to pick up a used meepo sanyo 10s2p if the price is right. It’s for my Riptide r1. I’m not really looking to put money into this board as I’m building a real esk8 at the moment. So I’d rather have my $$$ go to it. But the riptide is my main forum of transportation until then and getting a little more outta the board would be nice. No rush to put money into this thing but who doesn’t want a little more range/topspeed/ torque.


Just keep in mid that riptide is like 7s2p and not 10s. I think the esc is the sandard one so it will work with 10s but you will need to solder some parts on it to make it 10s as Diyboard esc web page explain. You will get a lot of power going to 10s. Also the range since you want Sanyo which is 8Ah in 2p configuration. You will need a new enclosure and charger though.

EDIT: Here what they say. Dual BLDC Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Features Voltage: 6S 24V / 7S 29.4V / 10S 36V (Voltage can be changed among them by simple soldering weild) Current: Up to 120A for a few seconds or 50A continous PCB Mounting size is 74mm L x 53mm W x 42mm H ESC complete size is 74mm long, 53mm wide, 42mm height. Regenerative Braking Sensored or Sensorless operation Great start-up torque with sensorless motors Remote control: 2.4Ghz Remote Controller


Just have to remove a bit of solder as my understanding goes. And the battery will actually fit in the same enclosure with some trimming of the framing. I’m basically copying what @DAddYE did to his

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Then perfect you will get a new board out of it! :wink:

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It’s actually 6s… My first build is Gonna be 6374x2 12s lol. I probably won’t be able to sit in the same room as my R1 anymore.

Although it will be way better to carry.


I would sell you a used meepo standard battery. Not many people want to get rid of the sanyo. It gets thousands of charge cycles and great range. People love it.


Whatcha thinking? @Jreamer

its just one of the standard old 4.4 ah battery. 40 bucks?


Ah that’s why you can fit the 10s2p inside. It’s only 2 cells more since the riptide is 6s3p. I was wondering why they left so much room but actually it’s not that much. Nice! Well of course the 12s build would be awesome but to me as daily commute board you will use the riptide more. Size, weight factors are important to. I have a spud build and I love the fact that I can fit it inside all the closets ecc… So worth it to me upgrade your riptide. To better battery. Next thing of you find a nice deal motors and 2 VESC (Flipsky for 100 Euro you get a dual now). Anyhow sorry for going out of topic. Now back to topic. So someone as a Sanyo battery for this guy? :wink: Good luck!

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I have a used 6.4ah one, do you want it?

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I have a brand new Meepo 10s2p battery if anyone wants to buy it

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I would like to purchase one from meepo 1.5 but in eu. Anyone?

Sorry. Phone died. Couldn’t find charger lol. Gave up and went to bed

what would you like for it?

What battery is it. (They sell two atm) And how much would you like?

I’m open to offers but shipping it may be hard for me since I’m in China, I’ll have to check with the post office for rates.

Oh. It’s all good. I’m looking for cheap or bust really. Shipping might kill that

It’s this one with case and foam pads https://meepoboard.com/products/battery-of-meepo-v1-5?variant=4762911637531

It’s probably out of your budget but I’d want $120 shipped because it’s literally never been used at all and shipping will be a bit costly.

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That is a bit more then I wanna spend. But at least it’s a v1.5. And it’s new.

I’m gonna hold of guys. I’m in no rush to put $$ into this board. If a Sanyo 10s2p pops up at a good price I’ll bite, otherwise all funds are going to fresh builds.