WTB 10s3p 30q battery

Im looking for a 10s3p pack made with 30q cells. I have very tight dimensions. shipped to NYC. Can anyone on here help out. @barajabali @evoheyax @JLabs @psychotiller @thisguyhere @willpark16 @longhairedboy

Honestly I would like to fit the biggest pack I can in there. But I estimated it to be 10s3p but maybe u can put larger after u check the pictures.

A normal 60amp BMS I’m sure won’t fit in the thickness that I have to work with. It has to be a very small BMS in the front just used just for charging not discharging so it can be tiny and very little amps BMS.

This is what im working with. Ruler is included.


What would be your max height?

We can do it. We have some pretty small charge only 10s bms’s too! (And cells)

Let me lay out the cells just to confirm dimensions. $320 shipped ($335 with charger)

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What kind of amps do you need?

You could fit a 10s4p technically. But wouldn’t have space for a bms on the battery.

Is there space for a tiny bms around on on top of the esc?

Wow thanks you guys are fast. max hight is barely one cell thickness

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Gotcha covered if you want it. Let me know

you think i can fit 10s4p? @evoheyax pack should handle as much amps as the cells can take since im not discharging from the bms.

I’ll let you know in a few minutes

Technically, my calculations say you can fit 20.4 cells per row, assuming the cell is 18.6mm wide. You have 324mm of space, divide that by 18.65, you get 20.4. So yea, you could fit 40 cells if you wanted, but yea, don’t know if theres a bms small enough out there to fit somewheres else in the board.

Do you know if those ESC’s do 12s?

You could do a 12s3p, get better power output and range than a 10s3p, with 36 cells. Leaves space for small bms :slight_smile:

interesting. This is the halo board. Not sure what kind of chinese esc it uses. or how many volts it can handle. i know that it comes with a 10s battery.

Let me look into it. I know that ESC is very popular these days, as it’s $40 for a dual drive, instead of $300 ish for proper VESCs.

cool Thanks

If it uses the $63 dual ESC then they only go up to 10s.

Yea, that’s what my research is pointing to.

So 10s3p with bms, or 10s4p with no bms or reposition the bms elsewhere.

It looks like there could be some space on top of the ESC for a small bms, hard to tell from those pictures though.

No room for a 4p, without relocating the bms.

Though we do have a seriously small charge only 10s bms.

Ok thanks guys ill go with the 10s3p. @evoheyax whats your price?

If charge only bms, why not routing balancing cables to a 10 pin (or more…) connector and having bms hooked up to the charger externally. Would save you some space :blush:

hmmmm i like

Just need to make sure balancing cables and +/- are plugged in in correct order every time you connect the charger not to burn the bms.