WTB: 10s5p case DIYeboard style

Any body got one they dont need at a good price? I’m building a cheap budget winter board so looking for a cheap option. Thanks and let me know!

Are you taking about the really deep enclosure with the pointed front? If so I have a new one you can have for free, just pay the shipping.


Hey Mike you must be the kindest guy around here, props to you and good vibes all the way from Lima! :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks brother, I appreciate it. I just like to try stuff out and pass it along.


yeah thatd be great bro… again thanks… yur 2 for 2 on stuff i need =)

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I found it :grinning:. Pics I’m coming in a couple if hours, gotta get to work.

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thx man keep me posted!

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IMG_20181102_085521_1541166953845 IMG_20181102_085514_1541166981228

Is this what your looking for?

absolutely…! I could have tried to gut my old meepo case to try n fit more than a 2p in it… since this will fit thier 5p style battery will give me some wiggle space to build a 3p and some electronics!

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Cool, I’ll get it shipped as soon as I can, probably tomorrow as work is actually requiring work today, not ok but what can you do :grinning:

no worries, i got a few other bits to handle on this board anyways before its ride ready so this case aint slowing me down.

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Its ready for pick-up…


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FYI, be careful when you open the package. There is a gasket in there that will cut easy.