WTB: 12mm or 15mm Kegel Pulley in the USA? (metal)

I know esk8.de has one but damn-- nearly 80 bucks after VAT and shipping.

Trying to keep this 'murican if possible :v:

anyone have a line on that?

3d print or @torqueboards has one

pretty sure tb only has 9mm.

I can print 12 or 15mm in pla or petg if you want.

We have a 12mm option now. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-kegel-drive-wheel-pulley-12mm/

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Hey dexter do your pullies require hacking the hanger? Is there a bearing? Do they come with hardware?

Oh and is available now???

No bearing, no need to hack the hanger. They come with hardware. It’s available now.

Caliber’s they fit perfect but Caliber clone trucks they seem to need to want to be shaved “corners” maybe about 1mm or so.

done. buying. thanks

Paging @torqueboards are you around? Been trying to get in touch for a week or so

How durable are these printed wheel gears??

Not very. It likely depends on what material you use but mine lasted about 75 miles of city riding (some pretty rough roads) in LA (read: hot).

If you’ve got glass roads and live somewhere it doesnt get so hot your mileage will vary.

That’s not true. I’ve been using the same set of PETG pulleys and I’ve done at least 150km which more than 75miles and they are still very much usable. No significant sign of wear. But I keep my belts tight, no slack at all. That also helps keep them in good shape.

yeah, i dont have access to PETG.

Plastic really isnt a long term solution.

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Yes, I agree but Nylon is. SLS Nylon prints are one piece prints, there’s no layers. Maybe not exactly the same process as injection molded but the strength and wear characteristics are similar. You go that added benefit of chosing a more custom drive train set up if you go this route.

@longhairedboy just came out with his set of SLS Nylon pulleys for flywheels and clones that are nylon just like enertion ones but you get a much greater selection of teeth and belt width options.