[WTB] 12s/10s Prebuilt Battery, ESC (focbox/flipsky 6.6) CANADA

Looking to buy a 10s or 12s prebuilt battery. Also interested in picking up a dual 6.6 or dual focbox (unity too if someone would like to part with theirs).

Located in Canada! Thanks in advance.

I make packs here in the U.S if you’re interested. I charge a rate of $140 for labor per pack and you pay what I pay for material. I also use pcb’s for a clean, professional and safe battery pack you can count on. DM me for more info.

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What province ya in? I just ordered a bunch of batteries and have no plan for em yet lol.

Toronto Ontario! Wbu

Going to try to find someone local first – if not I’ll shoot you a dm. Thanks!

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Ahhhh Alberta boy over here :frowning:

Coming to Toronto anytime soon haha

Haha maybe I’ll eskate across Canada someday.

@RedBaron I might be interested in purchasing a battery also. Sorry to jump on your thread though @pundahh

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No problem haha.

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Send me a message and we can discuss various options based on your needs and limitations.

I have a 10s3p 25R battery 7.5Ah. Range on my board with it is 13-15 mi. Message me if you want pics.