WTB 12s 60A (or more) BMS in the EU

Yow guys,

I have ordered some bms’s a while ago but due the slow Chinees post I am still waiting. Is there anybody in the EU who have such a BMS laying at home? Or something with the same size?

I want to have my trampa running before 5feb because off a groupride in the Netherlands.


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I have a small SMART bms 60a. I Will use It but not in a rush. I can sell at cost if you are interested. I can wait a month or two for It again.

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USB pc and bt included( or not)

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I think I have a 60a supower somewhere.

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Thanks for the offer! I have also that bms on my way. If @bigben find his 60A bms and want to sell it I will go for that because I am looking for a not fancy bms in my build. I will test first that fancy smart bms on the bench before I will put it in my board.

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I know eskating.eu has one. It’s for 12S4P but it will work. Its quite pricey though

Thnx for the link. I know the eu webshops :wink: I have that bms also at home. But it is to big for me. The only on that will fit is that from the picture. I know @okp had them but they are out off stock.

hey mate, I think I got one left in stock 60A

Hi , you still got stock?i want to purchase one ASAP!! i fried mine D:

shoot me a mail a [email protected]

I send you a mail :slight_smile:

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@mmaner you can close this topic, Thnx!