WTB 12s Bestech BMS Australia

Plugged my battery in the wrong way and got the magic blue smoke. Now my BMS is dead.

Looking to get one in Australia for short postage I’m in Melbourne.


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@TinnieSinker got any spares?

yea i have 10s 80a here and some 12s 80a on the way, all from bestech

@TinnieSinker willing to sell a 12s?

yea man, hopefully they’re only a couple weeks away. i can do $120 with postage. our dollar sucks so hard atm. cost me even more this time than the first order :neutral_face:

All good ordered one for $80.

Thanks though!

oh man i was really confused how i paid too much than i realised i miss calculated haha whoops. still, where do you buy just one? and was that including postage?

On the litechpower website. Yeah including postage. Much better system now than the email setup I last used.

yea emailing is lame and its not even cheaper. i asked them for cheaper postage option and they come back with 3day express shipping… honestly. :roll_eyes:

i ordered 3 and it came to $85 each btw. better than what i thought it was at first haha