WTB 12s bms charge only

Add the title says I’m looking for 12s BMS charge only, new or used in good condition, preferably in EU.

Maybe is my lucky day today!!

Thanks guys!

Look for bestech d140 on the bestech side. They cheap, small and good. You need to order min 2, but I can promise you will find very fast somebody who need the second one in here.

I was planning to buy some d140 from bestechpower

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@thisguyhere has em but lives in the USA

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shipping to EU is about $12 or so

I’m in the same boat. I have the d140 and it’s still too big.


Anything that’ll fit this size?


How much do you have laying at home?

none right now, got about 8 of them arriving in a week or so, 3 of them are already sold.

How much do you ask for one?

this is my store


can’t buy right now, but buy button will appear when i get them.

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