WTB 12s charger

my charger just fried on me and was wondering if anyone was selling one. i will take a 2 amp one as well

Build kit boards has them back in stock.


Ok good to know. Anyone selling on the forum though


I know I’m picky but I can’t afford that. But thanks anyway

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You already fried one cheap one. Consider buying a quality one. Buy once cry once…


Good point.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx bro! Only 4 left peeps!

Technically if you buy BKB you are buying from forum as @JLabs runs BKB and has been here from the beginning

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I know. :wink::wink:

I have a spare 1.5amp 12s charger that has been sitting in a drawer. I has a 5.5*2.5 mm DC jack. Are you in the US?

yeah but already picked one up but thanks. @mmaner @Namasaki @onloop please close this thread