WTB 15mm 15T motor pulley

I know there are several new options but I’m sure there is someone like me with a few extra pulleys laying around. If so let me know and shoot me a price shipped to 07047.

I think I have some aluminum ones… 15mm wide 15t

Shoot me a price with shipping bro.

Edit: only need one

Okay I listed them on my site:


:sob::sob::sob: I need keyways!

That’s not good… :fearful:

Tell me about it! Now I have to find one!

@torqueboards I don’t see any on your site Do you have any?

It’s here.


We also have 16T 15mm Pulleys also 15mm Kegel and ABEC Pulleys but they aren’t yet added to the site yet.

A bit of misunderstanding. I need 15T or 16T 15mm Pulley with a keyway.

You can buy a motor pulley + a keyway.

I need the just the pulleys with keyway openings lol

Where are they on your site? All i see are 9mm, 12mm, and 20mm options.

I Pm’ed you.

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Hey @torqueboards, do you maybe have any “hidden” pulleys for 12mm belts as well? 14T, 15T? :slight_smile: (keyway opening required, grub screws preferred)

Not sure what you mean by hidden. I have 14T but it’s 15mm wide still could be used if your using a motor with a longer motor shaft. @SilentException 13T 12mm.

Thx, saw those on your web ste. Hidden as in not listed on web site yet :slight_smile:

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@johnny_261 has a nice setup but it takes a couple weeks from Canada. I’m going to pick up a set from @torqueboards.