[WTB] 15mm ABEC/MBS Wheel Gear and Motor Pulley

-Like the title says I am looking for pulley and gears 15mm would be good. 40/15 or 36/16 gearing would be good as well.

-Motor pulley with Keyway.

-Metal preferred but will be cool with ABS as well.

Also if there is an enertion style gear with the ability to have a bearing in the pulley that would be great.

Thanks for your time

Hello, I can offer a motor pulley 15T 8mm ore 10mm bore for 15mm belt in aluminium. I would give it to you for 10€ + shipping costs. I live in Germany, Br

Hey I am interested do you have pictures of them?

Uploading… Here they are.

You can have: 8mm bore steel with keyway and screws for 12€ + shipping. 10mm bore aluminium with keyway and screws for 12€ + shipping. 10mm bore aluminium with screws for 10€ + shipping. 8mm bore without screws (just to fix with loctite) for 10€ + shipping.

All brand new. I paid between 15 and 25€ each.Most of them at http://www.beltingonline.com.

Where do you live?

Br Kai

How much for 2x8 with keyway and 2x10 with keyway USD?

My zip code is 11101 New York

I have 2 with 8mm bore and only 1 with 10mm bore. 36€ for the pulleys. Shipping is 19,5€ with DHL. I think the shipping kills it. There should be better options in the US.


Dude just saying but it’s cheaper for him to buy them separately from you than it is to buy them all together. It’s 34€ if they are separate and then together it’s 36€. And btw you can probs buy those aluminium ones on eBay for about 3€

But I need key’ed gears.

You might be able to just cut a key into them

There must be a good source in the US. Usually you can buy everything 50% cheaper than we here in Europe. But if you really do not find something cheaper (I hope you do), I will send them to you. Also for 34€ + shipping.

Yeah thats the rough part. Most people are selling 12mm which I currently have.

Still looking anyone have motor and wheel 15mm gears?