WTB 2 6384 170kv-190kv Motors

I think he’s out of stock at the moment though, no idea about how long to restock but i know he’d been planning to restock. He’s taking preorders atm for them.

Does he ever make 6384’s?

I think the stator size is the same as 6374’s but the size of the cans themselves are bigger than 6374, they’re 6382 or something like that. Long story short, no he doesn’t have actual 6384’s with bigger stators, just 6374 stator size in closer to 6384 can size. They’re still very beefy though and the performance i would imagine wouldn’t be too different

So basically the only place to get an actual 6384 is APS and apperantly alibaba (gotta buy 10 though…).

I remember @torqueboards saying they’ll be releasing some 190kv 6380 motors soon

Oh? Cool ill hit em up!

I think this can be overlooked. How long has your friend been riding? If it’s their first build then 6374 is plenty plenty enough. To the point that i don’t ever think the motors will be the limiting factor. I think most, if not all, riders on here are plenty fine with the power of the 6374.

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He’s been riding for over 20 years I’d say.

Esk8’s for about 4 years.

The BKBs 6374s are essential the same thing as ollins just at 190 kv…

I mean i still think it will be plenty enough, you can up the series connections on your battery to increase top end speed, change gearing, etc etc. most of these motors will still run cool unless you’re doing some really serious shit. If he’s commuting and using it for long rides I’m still thinking it would be fine. Would probably save him some $ too. He should hop in the forum, why isn’t he on here?

He’s too busy with his work. Since I’ve been all obsessed with this he’s leaving it to me to build him a death board, lol.

hobbyking has their new sk8 motors…theyre a millimeter or 2 longer than their 6374 sk3s and theyre sealed and sensored with a keyway in the shaft…might be worth a look depending on your trucks…apprently they wont fit on tb218 but im gonna try it anyways with shaving my wheel down a bit

Sorry for OT but let me know how it goes with tb please :smiley:

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Yeah I’m talking to them now. They’ll be available in 1-2 weeks, 170kv, 4100W, sounds very appealing!

We’ve all waited for things. I’d say anything that “should” be ready in 1-2 weeks from experience most likely won’t be.

From experience my 6355 dual 230kv 12s on 97’s and my 6355 dual 170kv 12s on six shooters can throw me on my ass. All sensored and all on foc with focboxes. I’m 220lb. I just wanted to mention that. 6374’s in dual are very powerful and might do the trick.

Good luck with the builds!!

P.S. Psychotiller.com also has motors. 6365’s and 170kv and 6374 190kv

Just saw the pics of the APS 84’s stator. It’s 52.78mm diameter and 55.76mm length and 4000W. The TB stator in a motor that’s 4mm shorter is 51.8mm diameter and 54mm length but 4100W. That’s damn close. What’s the wattage really mean in comparing motors?

How’s many Watts it’s rated to handle. You don’t need to worry about that 100 watt difference because you’ll never get anywhere near 8000watts combined.

In drones… 1mm of stator height meant almost 150-200g more thrust…

In this application it’s more so just stator saturation…

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Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with the TB drives.

How much will they charge for them?