WTB 2 TB218 trucks - UK


I am after a pair of TB218 trucks in the UK, I’d like to avoid shipping and import costs. If anyone has a set laying around, used or new, please let me know.

Thank you.

i have them in stock

I’ve got them bookmarked Luke, hefty price however. I appreciate why, just looking to find someones off casts in the hopes of keeping costs down.

If you’re just looking to run duel 6374, you can always just try find someone selling a single and run a caliber II on the front. Keeps the cost down. A single TB218 normally goes for around €50 on the forums when someone is selling one.

If that’s the case then @DavidBanner 's set’s are not a bad price in the UK and his shipping is turbo fast. It’s a long term project though with another two on the burn now. Just wanted to see what was around :slight_smile:

I need two for pneumatic clearance, thank you for the suggestion though.

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I have a set laying around that I’m willing to sell for a pretty reduced price, I scratched up the pivot cup seat a whole bunch and even chipped off some of the metal accidentally. They still work fine but they aren’t exactly pristine.

what would price be? is the pivot seat damaged on both or just 1? pic maybe?:slight_smile:

I have messaged for this info