WTB 2 x 6374 and 2 x 16t pulleys

Looking for extra motors and pulleys if someone has them for sale. Hoping for sensord motors @ 190kv Also looking for 16T motor pulleys

looking for used if possible to save on cost right now.

Used parts preferably

Thanks everyone for the help.

I have 6374 170KV motors, and 5M 16T pulleys

PM’ed with some questions.

Still looking for 6374 motors. Looking for ones that have a 3x3 keyway.

TTT still looking.

Hey I got (2) APS 6374 – That I just received yesterday… never fired up once. I lose $28 if I send them back for shipping costs.

Let me know a fair price if you want them.

These are the motors (it has a keyway, I dont know what a 3x3 keyway is):

bump still looking.

why not just get them from DIY? you’re not going to save a whole lot buying used. These parts don’t depreciate much.

I already have 2 motors from DIY. Not to crazy about them.

What about buildkitboards 6734?

I’m curious, what do you not like about them?

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BKB - He’s sold out for the next month or so.



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Made an edit

Looking for 190kv motors.

bump 10 char

Looking for motors now.