WTB 2x Sensored 6354/6355 Motors below 190kv or below, located in Australia

I am looking to buy two sensored 6354/6355 motors like Torqueboard’s TB 6355 190kv or the Flipsky 6354 190kv. They can be new or used as long as they are functioning properly and in a good condition. I am located in Australia so shipping from other countries might kill the deal but if you have anything hmu. I am just looking for cheaper motors in the second hand market before buying new. Cheers.

why not go with the turnigy sk8 6354 from Hobbyking? they ship from southern nsw and they’re sensored! Pm me dude I’m in Sydney

Yeh I wanted to use them but found that they’re longer than normal and won’t fit when doing dual on caliber trucks

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yeah they are, all g. try listing in both the esk8 Sydney fb page and the electric riders Melbourne fb Page. there may be something