WTB 3.5 -> 5.5MM focbox adapter [USA]

looking for a connctor to bridge the gap between my focbox and motor im in NY, USA :slight_smile:

make one doggie :grin:

i dont trust my own work ;-;

I suppose I could though, its just the connectors and 10gauge or whatever wire?

edit: is regular solder fine? Ive got a spool of the regular stuff :thinking:

If u send me wire and the bullets I will do it for u for free. Just pay shipping


that would be rad. :slight_smile:

pm me address?

Sure 10 charc

its worth it, even if it takes numerous tries. reduce downtime in the future when you need new cables. a 60watt iron will do. all the satisfaction will be yours

PMd you 10 charc